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Characters, ideas, reviews, and thoughts regarding various RPGs and conventions in Sydney, Australia
Otherspaces — Discussion of roleplaying games and tangential subjects

   This is a forum for writing about playing roleplaying games, running roleplaying games (campaigns and convention scenarios), and other miscellania. I imagine that it’s pretty Sydney-focused. A lot of the entries in this community will be by me (sim_james). Obviously I could just post them in my personal journal, but I want something more interactive – people should be able to make their own entries, not just respond to mine. And by keeping my roleplaying entries in a seperate forum, those of my LJ friends who don’t want to read about roleplaying games don’t have to.   :P

   I encourage you to join this community if you’re interested in anything I might write about roleplaying or similar games. I don’t mind who joins or posts here. Just keep things friendly (and use LJ cuts!).
Other Communities

   Discussions about the Age of Aquarius freeform campaign should be taken to the aoa_freeform community; discussions about HeroClix should be taken to the heroclix community. I don’t maintain those communities but I do post in them, and they are both pretty much awesome.
   There’s also an aus_gamers community and shadowgames_inc, which are mostly concerned with conventions.

   This was originally created as the journal of an Unknown Armies game played at UNSW Gameplayers (the first few entries last year are still in the archives). However, I never had time to update it properly, and in any case the campaign has since ended, so it’s time to put it to a new use!